About Suffolk Digital Aerials

A trusted professional team, ready to give you the best TV signal reception
We have been servicing Suffolk County for over 40 years. With a wealth of experience Installing new tv digital aerials & satellite equipment and also repairing we are the leading experts in our industry. We have a dedicated workforce locally based within Suffolk only so we are a truly independent company.
Over this time we have developed a highly dedicated team of technicians installers who have been with the company when it was first launched back in the late 60s, the company ethics is always putting the customer first in our core operation.
Brief History about Suffolk Digital Aerials
In the early days more and more of the public wanted to watch tv, this resulted in a demand for tv aerials to receive at that time only two channels, BBC1, ITV Anglia, all the services broadcast in black and white only, this involved a large type of H, X aerial. As in the late 60s television were very expensive to buy so there was a rental service so you could rent your tv weekly. This was also included with the tv aerial.
In the early 70s introduction to a new channel, BBC 2 this was not a black and white service. This was a new technology, a colour service which needs a different type of tv aerial a small more compact design and lighter, the other broadcasters then started to migrating onto this type of system which then involved one aerial supplying all three channels. The demand for our services involved put more teams of service vans on the road. Then in the late 80s, the introduction to satellite and Sky TV was launched, the demand for our services has grown through the years.
We have always made sure to keep up with development on new technology and deliver our expert knowledge to the customer.
Customer service assurance 
All of our technician installers are based locally in Suffolk only and the knowledge and experience of reception conditions are excellent because our installers live locally they can be with you within the hour if required.
All technicians are certified Installers.
All health and safety trained
All work fully insured
All work guaranteed
We make sure to tidy up after when we leave
Peace of Mind, we’ll be around should anything go wrong
Sometimes a part might fail, we will always make every effort to resolve this problem as soon as we have received your communication either by phone or email and we will arrange an engineer to come to you possibility same day or next morning.

Serviced offices based in Saxon Mill House Bury St Edmunds IP28 7YP